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Our Creative Studio {art spaces}

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This is my favorite room in the house. We call it the Creative Studio. I’ve always loved books and dreamed of having a room in my house that is my own personal library. We do have a room we call the Study. It has books on one side and musical instruments on the other. I always thought that would be my favorite room. But, no, the Creative Studio is.

It is an absolute blessing to have a whole room we can devote to creative expression. My husband has really pushed me to always have a creative outlet. He believes it is so important to have one. And I know he is right. And I want to teach the same to our children.

I have been strongly influenced by two books/women/websites: 

Playful Learning (the book and the website)

The Artful Parent (the book and the website)

I’ve been doing a lot of rearranging/organizing of our spaces. I will be sharing all the changes I’ve been making. And, hopefully, inspire others to make positive changes to their spaces to promote creativity, curiosity, and, in turn, learning.


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