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Rain! {great books}

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Rain! by Linda Ashman and illustrated by Christian Robinson is an charming children’s picture book about how your mood, whether good or bad, can rub off on others.

A young child is excited about the rain. He puts on his frog hat and goes ‘ribbiting’ through the puddles. Across town an old grouchy man puts on his hat and grumbles as he goes out in the rain. The two eventually cross paths. The old man comes to realize his grouchy mood and how it is affecting others.

This book is a great lesson in how a smile, or a frown, affects everyone around you. Everywhere the man goes, frowns follow. Everywhere the boy goes, smiles follow. The book’s bright illustrations with paper cut designs tell the story well. You and your child will enjoy reading this book over and over again.


The good mood versus bad mood reminded me of how we all need encouragement and uplifting. The Bible teaches us that and provides several powerful examples in the book of Proverbs. Read more here.  


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