The Noisy Paint Box {an art book}

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The Noisy Paint Box: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky’s Abstract Art by Barb Rosenstock and illustrated by Mary Grandpre

Explore colors, emotions, and abstract art while learning about the art and life of Russian painter Vasily Kandinsky in the book The Noisy Paint Box. My girls (aged 2 1/2 and 4 1/2) enjoyed this book and I think it would be much enjoyed by older kids too. The book talks about lots of “advanced” colors, such as, crimson, navy, and cerulean.

*art project idea* – Find all the colors mentioned in the book and paint them! Deep Space Sparkle has a video about mixing colors here. There are also an art lesson about how Kandinsky colored emotions here.

I enjoyed reading and learning more about Kandinsky in the Author’s Note at the end of the book. I found it interesting that scientist believe Kandinsky possibly had a condition known as synesthesia, which means one sense triggers another. Kandinsky always said he could hear colors.

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Fraidyzoo {a creative book}

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Fraidyzoo by Thyra Heder

It is a great day for the zoo! As the family is getting ready to go, the youngest daughter says she is afraid to go, but she can’t remember why. Her very creative family uses cardboard boxes, milk jugs and a whole host of things to act out various animals and help Little T remember what she is scared of.

This book would be so much fun to read to children and then give them a bunch of random objects to make into animal sculptures.


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Digger, Dozer, Dumper

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Digger, Dozer, Dumper by Hope Vestergaard and illustrated by David Slonim

This a fun rhyming book filled with 16 different poems that explore different types of trucks. Girls like trucks too! I have two girls (4 1/2 & 2 1/2) and this was one of favorite library finds this past week.

We have also been enjoying Sandra Boynton’s new album Frog Trouble. We (including my husband!) particularly like the song Trucks performed by Fountains of Wayne. It is the perfect song to go along with this book. 


City Cat {geography book}

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City Cat by Kate Banks and pictures by Lauren Castillo

Join City Cat in a European vacation. This is a great book to explore some famous landmarks throughout Europe. City Cat visits:

(1) Rome, Italy, (2) Marseille, France, (3) Barcelona, Spain, (4) Paris, France, (5) London, England, (6) Amsterdam, Netherlands, (7) Munich, Germany, (8) Venice, Italy

More detail is given in the back of the back about some of the sites in each city. City Cat is a wonderful book to share with your children and then explore more about the European cities. 


Our Creative Studio {art spaces}

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This is my favorite room in the house. We call it the Creative Studio. I’ve always loved books and dreamed of having a room in my house that is my own personal library. We do have a room we call the Study. It has books on one side and musical instruments on the other. I always thought that would be my favorite room. But, no, the Creative Studio is.

It is an absolute blessing to have a whole room we can devote to creative expression. My husband has really pushed me to always have a creative outlet. He believes it is so important to have one. And I know he is right. And I want to teach the same to our children.

I have been strongly influenced by two books/women/websites: 

Playful Learning (the book and the website)

The Artful Parent (the book and the website)

I’ve been doing a lot of rearranging/organizing of our spaces. I will be sharing all the changes I’ve been making. And, hopefully, inspire others to make positive changes to their spaces to promote creativity, curiosity, and, in turn, learning.


Dog Loves Counting {math books}

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121913_2057_DogLovesCou1.jpgDog Loves Counting by Louise Yates isn’t the typical “1 apple, 2 bananas, 3 pears” type of book. It is a really good counting book with different ways of counting and repetition. The book gives kids lots of counting practice. You and your child will enjoy the counting adventure with Dog.


You Were the First {great books}

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You Were the First by Patricia MacLachlan and illustrated by Stephanie Graegin

I feel a little silly getting emotional reading a children’s picture book, but this one was just too sweet. The book talks about all the firsts a baby does. “You were the first to cry, the first to crawl, the first to walk.” The kicker:

“You were the first to teach us how to be parents.”

I get emotional writing it!

This would be a wonderful gift to give your eldest child when they are having their first child. I’ll try to remember that in twenty-something years…